Monday, February 2, 2009


I think that I am mostly ready to transition over-so you can go ahead and check out now!

I'm still working on a banner (or more correctly, working on screen shots to hand to Mach to make me a banner), but I know y'all don't visit me for my quaint, photo-bucket crafted banner.

You visit me for my wit and bubbly personality!

Wordpress made me want to stab it a couple of times, but overall it seems better suited to my desire to arrange and categorize everything percisely. I sort and eat my candies by flavor, for pete's sake, I need to be able to neatly arrange my blog!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Surprise II

Two things:

One, I ran around and got enough coins to finally get the rep for this:

Woot! I am not a fan of Elekks. I do eventually want to get her a Talbuk, but that can wait. For now she's the proud owner of a pony. I'm probably the only draenei ever to not go for a night elf cat...

An 80 orc DK attacked my pally while I was (gasp!) doing dailies.
And I killed him.


Eat holy shock, bish.

I'm still sitting here giggling.

You, sir, must be the WORST DK EVAR.