Monday, December 29, 2008

Hi there.

My name is Amber, and I like bubbles.
I like paladin bubbles, which allow me to /laugh my way through the dreaded Frogger Boss. Paladin bubbles are amongst my oldest friends, ever since I rolled my paladin four years ago. My dear Ambrosine has been holy for the entire length of her career, if you ignore one rebellious stint as a tank. At 80 I have come to love Sacred Shield as well. Mmm. Bubbles!

Always an altaholic, one day I rolled a night elf priest.
At level 14, I deleted her. This is what happens when a noob tries to solo holy. Said noobishness allowed me to limp through an early holy paladin Back In The Day without much pain because I didn't know better, but that didn't save me here.
Years later, I rolled a blood elf priest. I got her to 16. Then deleted her. Sorry, but horde and I are like oil and water.
Then I rolled a draenei priest and got her to 29...and quit playing her after my shaman buddy outleveled me.
Then I rolled a draenei priest on another RP server and got her all the way to 10 before I quit playing her, too. If you can guess, her warrior buddy quit playing. I sense a theme.
Then one day I rolled a draenei priest on a PvP server of all things to play with some RL buddies of my boyfriend's. I still wanted to play a priest, and I still wanted a draenei, so it seemed logical to combine the two (again) and I'd have a leveling partner once more. I hate soloing. See above theme.
At this point the boy transferred his 70 warrior over instead and stopped leveling his alt. Oi. My paladin followed. Curse you, RP to PvP transfers! My priest was a mere 27, but I was depressingly bored with my Two Button Healer. I had been pushing those same two buttons from Molten Core onwards and the idea of continuing to do so made me weep. I was also a much better player than in the past, so I decided to stick with it. I would solo my damn priest!
...and I decided to do so as disc, for the first time ever.

Oh. My. God.

I leveled her relentlessly-and with joy! Even on the pvp server!-until 58, when it became Wrath-time, aka level your paladin bitch! time. So my dear little Lyrandre sat until my live-in leveling partner (er...the boyfriend) felt that it was time to bring out his frost DK.
I was most impatient, however, because this was at last a class I ENJOYED! And that people WANTED in their groups (sorry, hunter alt)! I could HEAL! And yet I could SOLO! And incidentally kick other peoples ass when they tried to gank me at least as often as I died!

Hell yeah!

I still play my paladin-after all, we needed healers to raid, and she is that, even though healing aoe/poison DoT happy Wrath 5-mans with her nearly destroyed my soul. As a raid healer I find myself almost enjoying myself again (o hai, Patchwerk!).
But my not-so-secret love is still my disc priest. I love having a flexible healer with more than three buttons. I love being the perfect compliment to the boy's frost DK. I love being in love with the game again.
So hi. I love bubbles. And this blog shall chronicle my adventures with said bubbles, of both flavors.

Long live healers!

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