Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Priest Shinys and Enchants

My baby bubblepriest dinged 63 last night. I'm still enjoying her immensely, although I have to say if I do nothing but heal my pet DK tank I'm bored as hell. I mean I don't even heal most of the time, I just...bubble. That's alright, Lyr can also pewpew far better than poor Ambro. Let me tell you, if I'd leveled a priest first I don't think I ever would have managed to level my paladin holy. Then again if I'd played just about anything first that may have been the case. Except rogue. I totally fail at rogue.

Have I mentioned that if I don't /dnd while in Outlands, I get whispered to hell and back? Most of the time I'm the only healer in the entire damned zone. Helloooooo, DKs...

Anyway, gear and enchant research is not my strong point (read: I'm lazy), so I shall just point you at some lovely posts from Soap Bubble and World of Snarkcraft.

For useful food and pots: Clicky.
For priest gems: Clicky.
For disc priest enchants: Clicky.
For disc priest gear: Clicky.

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