Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Amber's Random Picture Post

This is my first attempt at recreating the original screen shot. I picked Icecrown because I thought the sky was pretty, but it does funky things to colors out there.

Amber & Josh: Mocking your typos since 2004. Vainglory is my DK. No, my other DK. Yes, the third one.


Why can't they sell this hippogryph somewhere? I actually like the way that this one looks. Though I still want to know when deer started crossbreeding with hippogryphs... know I tried to be clever with placing these pics and just made a mess. And I can't seem to delete them. Bwuh? Curse you, Blogger! Curse you!


  1. You're right, that hippogryph looks great! I would certainly love to fly on one of those instead of the standard issue ones. Much prettier. I would be first in line if those were sold at a vendor. (And would get rep if it were a rep item!)

  2. Yeah I never did understand why they picked the ugliest hippogriff in the game to offer as a mount. Bwuh.

    But that one is preeeetty.