Monday, January 12, 2009

Meh Mondays, or: Pic Spam

With luck, my "study" on healing Sapph as a holy pally will be up tomorrow-though since internet issues cut out last raid short, I'm not sure we'll get that far in Naxx this week. A shame! Soon, though. :)

I was busy over the weekend. Lyr dinged 68 and I squee'd over Prayer of Mending. Then she dinged 69. And...

She is now sporting full spiffy Northrend gear. I like the look, though she's no longer the "classic priest" that she was throughout Outlands. Glad to have escaped the worst of the Outland clown look though! Now to go back to Nagrand to get my Talbuk mount. Grr, Elekks.

In the background there is Drake, her pet DK tank, as played by the infamous Josh. While I'm picture spamming, here's Ambrosyne and her pet warrior tank, Zoja. Zoja is also played by the Josh. He just likes tanking that much... Kudos to him though, seriously. I pally tanked for a bit, and enjoyed myself despite the stress. My warrior tank? ZOMGHARDWORK. So, love to all you warrior tanks! Hell, LOVE TO ALL TANKS.

Lyr's in a weird combination of DPS gear and healing gear at the moment. Then again, being a crit focused clothie healer, I think that's just going to be her lot in life. Her neck even has hit on it, but hey, it's good for those holy fires I keep tossing out, right?

Our duo is at least sometimes a trio, as our GMs shadow priest tags along. While normally we espouse a Live and Let Live philosphy, sometimes we can't help ourselves. Look, I'm sorry Mr. Random Ret Pally, but we only killed you once. You're the one that came back 3 more times...

And now I'm randomly reminded of issues I've had pugging of late, but I'll save that for another post.

/end random ramble

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