Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oh look, a shiny! /distracted

Most of my creative effort for the day was sucked into polishing my guild's misson statement. Why was I doing that? Because they made me recruitment officer. Yay! As recruitment officer, though, I want to have a shiny misson statement to point recruits to, and no one else had gotten around to it yet (did I mention this is NOT a new guild? Lazy!).

We tackled Naxx last night, but didn't get to Sapph, so that experiment is...still waiting. I did end up using Blessing of Sacrifice on the MT for Anub to soak some of the damage, a seldom used trick I'll have to remember more often. I honestly never used that thing except for Maiden.

I did an absolutely silly near 6k HPS on the Instructor. I also nearly went OOM, but he died (eventually...) so we win! I definitely don't have the crit for that sort of nonsense on a regular basis, though. I don't remember having that much trouble with him before, but we were also training a new OT among other things, so it wasn't an optimal night.

I'm still almost looking forward to 2-healing things. There are certain fights where I spend the entire time spinning in circles FoLing the tank, hoping the spinning makes it more interesting.

It doesn't.

Can I snap my fingers and make my priest 80 yet?


  1. =D I like bubbles too! ^_^ My main is discipline specced and I love it oh so much. I enjoyed your guest post on WoM. Keep putting out good work!

  2. Bubbles are TEH BEST.

    Thanks for the compliment! ^^