Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Strengths of a Holy Paladin, or: Amber loves her some Patchwerk

I love healing Patchwerk.

You see, I spend most of my time at the bottom of the healing meters. This is fine, as it's not my job to be at the top of the meters. It's my job to keep Macharious and Zoja from telling me what flavor the floor of Naxx is tonight. But...well...see, once upon a time, I got away with raiding on my hunter. All of a sudden, I wanted the top of those meters. I blew all my cooldowns every chance I could without pulling aggro (when your tank is sitting in the chair behind you, you don't pull aggro) to do the most DPS possible. Admittedly, part of this was because my guild was chuck full of hunters so I had to go balls to the wall to even get into a raid to begin with...but part of it was just because it was fun, and a way to pat myself on the back.

So there's a part of me still that likes being on top of meters, even if healing meters are piss poor at showing actual performance. So...I love healing Patchwerk.

This is the type of fight where holy paladins shine. One target is taking a ton of damage. I am healing that one target. Wee! Toss beacon on the MT while spamming the OT and poof, I'm shitting heals everywhere. Okay, on two targets. But that's two targets that need a lot of heals. I say it again: wee! I keep Beacon and Sacred Shield up all the time on this fight...a fun little juggling act, and a mana intensive one, but I didn't go OOM. Didn't even use a pot! I know this because uh...I have the bad habit of forgetting to buy mana pots. Oops. I get healing pots all the time for drops, but when the hell do I use those!?
"So you were tossing HLs everywhere, right?"

See the crit percentage there for FoL? Sacred Shield is glorious. I did toss a lot of HL's for one fight, but for the most part, with SS up FoL does its job nicely.

I can only speculate on how a disc priest would perform on this fight. I'm sure they'd be great, only their numbers would be lower because they prevent damage. I think they'd probably be a bit better in coping with lesser geared tanks on this fight than a holy pally.

Upon further reflection (I'm not as over the top with mp5 as I'd feared) I'm pretty happy with where I sit, stats wise. I do my job, people don't complain, people don't die, and I don't go OOM too soon.

That's raid buffed up there, of course, with a crit chicken in raid and imp wisdom up. 19k health and 21.2k mana-yummy!
Now if only healing 5 mans on her didn't suck so bad...


  1. I need to check out your gear when I get home. My crit is higher unbuffed, but my mp5 is way low compared to yours! I didn't think it possible to get that high.

    And I use Beacon and Shield all the time along with Glyphs, Seals, and Judgements and haven't gotten anywhere near the 4337hps you had there, except on Instructor where I spam Holy Light on one of the students with Beacon on the other. I hit nearly 6000hps that night which made me laugh hysterically. :D

  2. Oh, the Instructor is another great "I get to look totally awesome" fight. I'll have to screencap that one too, although that WILL eat my mana like nobody's business because I WILL be hitting that HL button over and over and over...dear lord, are their HP pools huge.

    And as to how I got my mp5 that high? Easy: my gear threw it at me. Epic mace from Nexxus? Mp5. BoE epic shield? Mp5. Other stuff I don't remember because I can't look at my own stuff because work doesn't want me to? Proooobably mp5. I'm at 200mp5 while casting unbuffed, and 309 if I toss Wisdom up. Gear wise, if it doesn't have int on it, I don't want it, which probably has something to do with it too (crafted mace, I'm looking at you). T7 might be more crit heavy than my off-set peices, but t7 and I hate each other. Which is fine, I don't want to be a power ranger anyway!

    "How dare you make me use my mana?" is now a running joke, though.

  3. I suppose that explains it. I've avoided mp5 like the plague to get crit. Most 10 man raids I'm at 42-45% crit buffed.

    Power ranger. LOL!

  4. Can you please tell me which healing meter you are using? thx

  5. Sry for the late post, Jen, recount is the meter.

    My fav fight before I quit was Loatheb. Sure I could outheal those other classes in other fights, but my monster 4 heals in 3 second (HL, HS, inst. FoL, Bacon) was what kept people alive.