Friday, January 2, 2009

I am working on something. Ssh.

The EJ forums are awesome. It seems that every time someone has a question, someone somewhere will thrust the link at them. But damn, wading through those posts can be a chore...oh, and by the way, I HATE MATH. I'd much rather ask someone and have them tell me "If X is the case, do Y in order to not suck."

So I'm going through all my resources, and compiling a simplified "How To Not Suck" guide to Holy Paladins end game. Will anyone read it? Prooooobably not. But if nothing else it's likely good for me, and thus my poor raiding guild, to do the research. I'll try to resist the urge to defend my 200 unbuffed mp5 again (though let me tell you, I'm sure I'll love it on Sapph, when we can survive more than a few moments).

I SWEAR I wasn't going for mp5 gear on purpose. I could get the crafted mace over my Nexus dropped epic, just has stam on it! No int! I'll take the int and the damn mp5, thank you very much. Mumble mumble crit...

I'm currently debating on if I want to throw int or crit gems into my gear. Or both. I'd like a little more crit but I DO get it from raid buffs...and int is buffed by kings, which results in more awesome...mmm. Fuck it. Int gives me crit AND other stuff, and crit is just crit. INT IT IS.

Now tonight I go help a buddy guild of ours that's been floundering in Naxx. This does...not make saving for Lyr's eventual epic flyer easy, but I like helping people. So! I'll uh, let you know how that goes. I want to pick apart some of my recount reports anyway.

Coming later this week will also be my report on To Run Away From Blizzard During Sapph, Or Bubble and Sacred Shield and Eat It?: The Debate. BoO hasn't downed him yet so I'm sure I'll get a few stabs in to experiment. I'm leaning towards eating the damage, myself. It worked on those @%#^&%$&^ing mojo puddles.

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