Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In which I am vain.

I used to mock Judgement. "Plate skirt, what the hell?" But it was pretty bad ass for all of that, although Lightbringer wasn't bad. Belly baring and bananarific, but not bad.

Now I miss it. I miss it so much that I keep it in the bank, all eight lovingly gathered peices. They represent untold hours of raiding, back in the day when I had four/five other paladins in a raid to 'compete' with. I never saw tier three on my character, but didn't think much of the set back then. In BC I tried to collect the purple version of Judgement but never did manage it all, and was...not impressed with tier four.

It was...meh.

I missed t5 and t6. Now we're back at recolored t3, which is awesome for some classes and...not so awesome for others. Like, oh, power rangers. I mean paladins.

Do I care that Ambrosyne doesn't have any of her tier gear? Nooooo. I'm content with my recolored DK armor. It's not very...paladiny, but it's sure as hell better than Random Pointy Objects Jutting Out Gear.

I should totally stand around Dalaran in Judgement. Last time I did that in Stormwind, a warrior dragged out his t2 and stood next to me. Good times!

Dear Blizzard,

WTB bad ass looking paladin gear.


Priest gear tends to look better. Like I need more incentive to play her, right?

Useful posts coming later. Researching! Gasp.

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