Thursday, January 29, 2009

Raiding is 'Aspensive: Doing Dailies, Healadin Edition

So now you're 80 and raiding. Cool! But raiding means wiping, especially at first. Wiping means repair bills, and nevermind the cost of consumables (WHY is my alchemist on the wrong server?*)

So how the hell do you manage to chew through dailies?

I'm uberlazy and since I've gotten my coveted egg from the Oracles, I'm terribad about doing my dailies. The best way to see that I do them is to grab a buddy.

Even if it's another healer, you still kill things faster. I highly reccomend the Oracle dailies just for cash, by the way. They can help offset the cost of repairs and the little buddy you get is a built in helper. You can also often avoid killing things in general while doing them! The exception is the one "kill things as a kitty" quest but hey, you're a kitty. DPS doesn't matter when you're looking for sparklies.

Things I Do While Soling:
1) Ret aura kills things an eensy bit faster.
2) Sacred Shield yourself. It helps.
3) Use Seal of Righteousness.
4) Judge Wisdom. You'll be taking less damage with SS up, so this will cut down on downtime.
5) Judge every time it's up for the damage.
6) Holy shock!
7) Consecrate every so often if you make a lot of friends.
8) Die after horde find you.

*I have a flower-picking warrior on Sentinels. I r RP nub.


  1. =O I can't find my Ret Aura, Sacred Shield, Seals, Judgements, et al. What am I doing wron- Oh nevermind. =]

  2. 1) Bubble
    2) Holy Fire
    3) SW:P
    4) Devouring Plague
    5) Mind Blast
    6) Smite
    7) Wand :D

    I want Holy Fire on my pally, it's much more fun...

  3. EEk! Amber! Doing dailies is the most inefficient way to make gold at lvl 80. What are your trade skills? Where's your fishing? 15 minutes of fishing will get you more gold than 30 minutes of dailies! Save time, make money!