Monday, January 12, 2009

DPS =/= Tank

Over the weekend we decided to tackle both Durnholde and Black Morass 'normally', that is, with pugs and not a guildie running us through. I wanted the healing practice. Although we did tackle-and beat!-BM with a group of 67s (!), it was something of a painful experience and didn't have a lot to do with our levels. The shadow priest we had was cool (Reene! A shout out to you for not sucking!), but the others? Eenh. I wouldn't even post about this one group, except that I had run across this problem before recently.


This is your healer speaking. Specifically, this is your single target healer speaking. I can heal several of you, especially if I'm on my priest. But I'm not great at it, it's not mana effecient, and really, in non-AoE circumstances, I shouldn't have to.

When you are invited to a group as DPS, then please, DPS. This means that you watch your aggro. Do not purposefully charge off in another direction and tackle different mobs. Do not taunt off the tank. Do not run ahead of the tank. Do. Not. Tank.

If I ask you politely to please watch your aggro and to let the tank, well, do his job, and you continue to purposefully make my life harder? Then you might find yourself eating floor. Accidentally, of course.

-The Healer


  1. I have no problem telling them that if they aggro again I will let them die and I've done it on several occassions. Some end up leaving, but those that don't usually stop fairly quickly. :)

  2. I let the DK die a time or two after my request that he be careful, and his only response was to not get the adds like we asked him to. D:

    By the way, thanks for commenting! It reminds me that I am not just talking to myself. :D